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Over the years, I have understood there is nothing that can generate my inspiration more than what originates from my inner being.

More power the machine takes, the closer I come heart and soul to my creator, our universal creator.

After many years spent in big cities...this series of paintings reflects on my return to my roots.

By its simplicity, representing the essential, not of what I see, but what I feel.

I believe there is beauty and strength in something that is pristine, unspoiled, clean and simple.

It is undeniable that there is something attractive, psychologically satisfying, about paintings that appeal to our desire of structure, also conducive to a sense of inner calm, and some sense of order.

Hard edge geometric abstraction can offer  refuge, in a contemplative space, where form, colour, line and surface can act as portal to another reality or a new point of view.

We all come from nature and return to nature, such is the cycle of our physicality on earth.

Human I am...our limitations are only a reflection of this oppressive Techno-Tyranic world imposed on us, I truly believe our evolution and destiny as a species, is divine by nature.

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