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To expand one's imagination, the act of painting is a gift for hope and self-discovery, transcending all aspects of my physical being.

This series of works is about hope, my perspective narrated throughout the simplicity of geometric shapes, architecturally composed in ways that refresh the spirit.

I believe there is strength and  beauty in symmetry, it is the aesthetic antidote to chaos.

Taking center stage in most paintings, the Sun disc, absolute symbol of life on earth, without whom we would not exist.

These geometric compositions are like portals, inviting the viewer, to take refuge in a contemplative, meditative space, where form, colour, line and perspective, are all that mattered.

As a self-taught artist, most of my inspiration comes from within, but this technique of painting (hard-edge) had been practiced for centuries, and made its presence known in many cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to the 20th century abstract painters, like Kazimir Malevich or Pietr Mondrian...

I believe we should be proud to be humans, and focus more on the natural aspect of our evolution as a species.

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