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Loferrie focuses predominantly on soulful geometric abstraction.

His sharp lines and curves are recognisable characteristics in his work, where he masterfully creates bold, vibrant paintings, eliminating any visual confusion, enabling the viewer to experience his compositions for what they represent and understand them in a clear visual language.

A refined geometric vocabulary allows him to bring to life striking visuals for new narratives to be told, synthesised through visionary imagination.

Loferrie's intuitive process originates from a meditative state, giving rise to vibrant atmospheric three dimensional compositions.

Drawing from timeless universal wisdom and contemporary insights, Loferrie's work explores our human experience in this ever-changing technological world.

The awareness and connection to self, nurtured by these traditions is what he translates in his studio practice, lived like a visual meditation, channeling pure energies.

The core of his creative process is to bring mindfulness into existence and promote a positive message aiming toward a more peaceful and beautiful world.

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